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Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by Canary_Mom, Mar 8, 2011.


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  1. Canary_Mom

    Canary_Mom Senior Member Plus

    Does anyone have a recommendation?

    I've called 3. The first sees patients 24 months and above (Rios), the 2nd is booking appts for Aug (Roberts/Burton) and the 3rd is no longer in practice (Genecov).


  2. Ashley3

    Ashley3 Senior Member Plus

    They are hard to come by :(

    we ended up going out to the Child Study Center in Ft. Worth.

    although we ended up seeing a behavioral psychologist instead of a dev ped. (originally we were assigned to a dev pedi that we had seen and I was not too impressed with (Dr. Nancy Hitzfelder, who was with Easter Seals at the time~years ago). I called to see if we could get another opinion, and my paperwork had to go back through the queue~ Then, we were told we would need to see the psych first and if needed, the dev pedi) anyway, if you don't live close, it can be a pain, but they were helpful with some testing) we did not need an appt with the dev pedi but maybe someone else here as used one.
    I believe they had 3 developmental pedi's at CSC.
    good luck!!

    oh~the wait time to see the doctor you listed seems about right to me. I remember I turned in my paperwork to the Child Study center and had to wait 8 months for the appt. :(
  3. Krissten11

    Krissten11 Senior Member

    My son saw Dr. Burton, and she is wonderful. She was the developmental pedi in the NICU while he was there and wants to monitor him for his first few years. Sounds like you are wanting to see someone sooner than August, but wanted to recommend her anyway. Hope you are able to find someone sooner.
  4. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    Rios has another staff member who does see younger kids.

    "Dr. Mike is pleased to announce the addition of Lawanna Smith to his practice. Lawanna will be assisting Dr. Mike with the initial evaluations of patients who are ages 18 months to four years old whose parents suspect communication or social interaction delays."

    I have met her and she used to work for ECI, I am not certain what her credentials are. We saw Rios for DD can give you more information if you want it. We waited less than a month for the appointment, and that was over the holidays.
  5. Susan

    Susan Senior Member Plus

    We were on a wait list for over a year to see Dr. Burton. I had to jump through 100 hoops, had tons of forms filled out and every record ever sent to their office. By the time the appt came around, Wyatt's speech was improving so much I just canceled it. There aren't enough of these guys to go around!
  6. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    Fwiw, Dr Roberts used to be at scottish rite- and comes highly recommended. We used developmental pediatrix for DD, but I can not remember if we ever saw Roberts there. It seems like we saw a different person every time we went. Overall, I was pleased with the care we got at DP for DD. She was a patient there from her NICU discharge till she was 3ish? I seems like a long time ago!
  7. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    I can't remember the name of the female Developmental Pediatrician we saw with the Child Study Center.

    I do remember it took MONTHS of going back and forth with them on the paperwork (and our pediatrican made a ton of calls to them). Finally, we were given an appointment.

    The Developmental Pediatrician basically said that she couldn't do anything for my son. Yes, he was ASD- but there was nothing "medically" wrong with him for her to work on. She was willing to prescribe Intuniv to him (which our regular pediatrician at the time would not do)...but that was her only help offered. I didn't bother going back and instead found a new pediatrician who was willing to work more with us that the old pediatrician who was constantally referring us to specialists....
  8. Chera25

    Chera25 Senior Member Plus

    :yeah She's awesome! :love

    Cassidy is seen in the Dev. Ped. clinic at Scottish Rite.

    I bring this up, because wasn't your first (posted anyway) concern about his (non) walking? Could your Ped. refer you to SR for testing? The only way to get into SR (clinics ;)) is through Ortho. Cassidy started there & since then has been referred in-house to Dev. Ped., Neuro., Psych., Dental & today - the Pharmacy. You HAVE to start in Ortho. & they don't always refer in-house, but do have Dev. Ped. there. But they'd be best to start with if there is an Ortho. concern anyway - SR is amazing. :love

    GL! :hug
  9. Chera25

    Chera25 Senior Member Plus

    Hmmm... Cassidy's Dev. Ped. is not about "medical" it's about *Development*... ;) But I guess if he doesn't have any delays or development issues, then that would defeat that too. I can see Cassidy being monitored by Dev. Ped. throughout her childhood. They cover EVERYTHING. & Really are great at connecting dots and helping with sensory & behaviour & making sure she's where she needs to be for language & ALSO making sure she's taken care of medically too. But she still sees a regular pediatrician for normal *medical* stuff. :thumbup
  10. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    That was the experience I had expected...but didn't get from the Child Study Center Dev. Pedi.

    Our old regular pediatrician for normal medical stuff insisted we see specialists for everything, neurology, Dev. pediatrician (when I went to a Neuropsychologist). Considering how hard it was to even get into Child Study Center- it was a huge disappointment to be blown off by the Dev. Pediatrician....which is exactly what happened.

    You know M is not a "textbook" case (and has plenty of delays and developmental issues)- so even MORE reason I thought a Dev. Pediatrician could help us with answers....NOPE, she only said she would be willing to try the Intuniv (which his Neuropsychologist had recommended but can't prescribe).

    I asked our regular *medical* stuff pediatrician to just write us the Intuniv RX since it was costing me $100 a visit if I went back to the Dev. Pedi (who simply would be monitoring the RX...since she didn't want to do anything else for us)... Our regular pedi refused to write the RX because he hadn't had anyone on the medicine before.

    So..I fired him and found another regular pediatrican that was not afraid to write us the RX for Intuniv (and she was familiar with it)- and we see her for all of our other *medical* needs.

    Hopefully that clarifies it better. I WISH we had a good Dev. Pediatrician experience because I DO think it would have been helpful for our guy...but the DVP we waited months to see... was worthless- IMO

    Not saying that is the case AT ALL for all Dev. Pedi's.....just the one we saw ;)

    It was Dr. Joyce Mauk that we saw with Child Study Center. Maybe someone else has had better luck with her, but not us :)
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  11. Chera25

    Chera25 Senior Member Plus

    I was just thinking maybe it was the Dr. & not so much the field... sorry that happened to you guys, Dr. Roberts is AWESOME if you want to try again & don't mind waiting to get in. We called her Dr. Cathy at SR, but she was great! :hug
  12. Canary_Mom

    Canary_Mom Senior Member Plus

    We are meeting with the pediatrician tomorrow. After concerns at DSs 15 mo appt, he sent us on to call ECI or other evaluation/therapy centers. That is all, even after he mentioned "the spectrum". Nothing more I had to call him back a week later and ask why he didn't refer us to a neurologist...I have other questions tomorrow too. I will ask about SR, but what exactly does it mean that I need an ortho referral? Does that come by way of the pediatrician? OT? I'm navigating my way through this blindly and still trying to figure out where all the pieces fit.
  13. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    I would think the SR referral has to come through the pediatrician, but don't know.

    Are you going to see a neurologist? We saw Dr. Chudnow and like him. He is not warm and fuzzy, but he knew his stuff.

    I would start with ECI and see what their evaluations and recommendations are. Were you able to get scheduled with them soon?

    HUGS- I know how stressful it all is. :(
  14. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    Good Luck today!
    Another suggestion we got was to see a Neuropsychologist. Have you considered that as an option?
  15. Crystal A

    Crystal A Senior Member Plus

    :yeah :hug
  16. Canary_Mom

    Canary_Mom Senior Member Plus

    I've heard of this specialist, but cant say I know what they do and how they fit with a neurologist. Have you seen one and what did they do for you?
  17. Canary_Mom

    Canary_Mom Senior Member Plus

    We do have an appt with a neurologist in 2 weeks. Dr is Moein.

    ECI comes next Wed. That is after a full month from my initial phone call, but at least we are almost there.
  18. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    I do not know a lot about it- another friend suggested it to us.
    this site is not who she recommended, but gives good information. We chose to put any further assessments on hold for now, because we pulled her from private school recently and moved her into a public school. Her pedi. thinks much of what we saw was a situational issue. We did some assessments with the developmental pedi and are integrating those findings into our life. We believe that when making changes, it should be done one at a time, in order to know what the differences/ successes are- and stick with them.
    My friend did get a highly detailed report from her neuropsych. It was interesting to compare what we got from the developmental pedi and her report. The neuropsych was looking at the whole picture of the developing child. In my opinion we did not get that from our eval.
    Let me know if you want more details. Hugs!!!
  19. delilahdr

    delilahdr Senior Member Plus

    Cindy, I'm the friend Thayer is mentioning. :thumbup
  20. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus


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