Daycare/in-home care near the Galleria?

Discussion in 'Working Moms' started by DallasMommies, Nov 14, 2006.


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  1. DallasMommies

    DallasMommies Senior Member Plus

    Checking out options other than The Peanut Gallery...

    Edited to add: We live towards White Rock Lake/Dallas Arboretum, so any where in between would work.
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  2. KandS

    KandS Senior Member Plus

    Have you looked into the private learning centers in the area? The one Savanna goes to also has a co-op (which I don't know much about but I can get you some information.) It's royal/midway area.
  3. Tasha

    Tasha Senior Member Plus

    Is everything okay Cheryl? I wish I knew of some places in that area. I'll see if anyone knows of any places down in that area, I use to work in that area, so maybe some of my friends will know.
  4. DallasMommies

    DallasMommies Senior Member Plus

    I had a little chat with the Director this morning, but I don't know what will change or how long to "wait & see" if things improve. When I picked Colton up yesterday, the teacher asked if the quarter-sized, swollen bruise/scratch on his forehead was there when I dropped him off (um, No!). When I got him ready for bed, I found a bite mark on his shoulder, and another bite on his back that broke the skin. No comments/incident reports from the teachers lead me to believe they did not know they occurred. Frequent previous injuries can only mean inadequate supervision.

    He's always so happy to play when I drop him off that I hate to move him, but his safety has to be the top priority.
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  5. Tasha

    Tasha Senior Member Plus

    OMG! That's horrible!! I found a bit on Tyler's back yesterday too, that I'm sure the teacher's didn't know about (J took him this morning & discussed it with them). This is only the second time that it happened since March, but a 2" bruise, 5 bites the previous week and 2 bites in one day is a little much in my opinion!! The one that broke the skin is a huge concern since it was quite possibly through the shirt - imagine if it was straight skin. I know what it's like to move your baby when he's happy, but I agree.

    Here are some places I got from a friend. I don't about them personally or even exactly where they are located to where you need it, but it's a start.

    Christian Chapel on Noel Rd - my old HR person had (may still have) her son here and I know she was very happy with them.
    Brilliance Academy on Marsh
    The Hamilton Academy on Valley View
    Mrs. Richardson on Bee Street

    Hope it helps a little.
  6. Cori

    Cori Senior Member Plus

    No suggestions, but wanted to send some :hug to you and Colton. I'm so sorry.
  7. DallasMommies

    DallasMommies Senior Member Plus

    Thanks for the suggestions, Tasha.
  8. brittneyleahc

    brittneyleahc Senior Member Plus

    I've recommended this one before and don't know how far off it would be for you (like I don't know which direction you drive home) but we used Parker-Chase when we moved Cameron from the Peanut Gallery. It is Marsh and Marsh Ridge, right off of George Bush.

    Sorry you are having such a time...that would be frustrating!!!
  9. Angelstar

    Angelstar Senior Member Plus

    Some of DH's family has used Happy Tree Friends on Midway and were very happy. Everyone there I have met are super sweet and have worked there for YEARS and love working with the kids. I can get more info if you'd like cause I can't remember the cross street from Midway. I was also going to suggest Parker-Chase as well. I have heard good things about them and they are right behind where I live.

    So sorry that poor Colton keeps getting injured. That would just make me go crazy. Poor little guy :( . I'm sure he'll get used to a new place and make new friends to play with if you move him. I think would be best for his safety and your sanity. :hug
  10. delilahdr

    delilahdr Senior Member Plus

    Not sure where you are in relation to I-30, but we have been very pleased with St. Marks UMC child development center- only used the preschool part, but they offer 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. care and have low ratios, most of staff is grandmotherly types who have been there for years, etc. It's right off I-30 and Motley, one exit away from 635, so it might take you slightly out of your way, but be worth it?

    So sorry you're going through this!
  11. Greta17

    Greta17 Member

    I'm chiming in late to this thread...

    We live in Casa Linda Estates, so also near the Arboretum.
    My 11 month old goes to Lake Highlands Presby CDC....Audelia and NW Highway. My 3 year old goes to Fair Oaks Day School (Montessori program)....Fair Oaks and Walnut Hill. I work at 635/75 so they are both on my way to work.

    I like them both, but plan to move my youngest from LH to Fair Oaks in January after she turns a year. Fair Oaks only starts at 12 months. Just so I only have to make one stop.
    I want to continue the Montessori program and LH Presby isn't Montessori based.

    Good luck with your decision if you haven't already made one yet!


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