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Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by zhonn, Sep 27, 2011.


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  1. zhonn

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    I never heard of this program until I found them with my Tom Thumb receipt, but apparently for every $50 you spend there, they give you a "Community Holiday Buck", that you can give to a local participating charity. I couldn't find a list of charities, but I did find another board where someone had asked the question and found this response. Good enough for me, I sent my two bucks to them.

    Yes, I know of a great local charity accepting Community Bucks. THE TURNING POINT is the primary Rape Crisis Center in Collin County and doesn't seem to get much publicity.

    All of its services are free to those who need them. Trained victim advocates respond to the hospital ER's when we get reports of sexual assault, and THE TURNING POINT has an exceptional working relationship with all the law enforcement agencies, hospitals and DA's office in Collin County. We also man a 24-hour hotline, and do lots of preventative education in the schools.

    It's a GREAT group. I have volunteered with them for almost 4 years. Anytime you're looking to help a charity out, this is a great one to choose.

    Please mail your Community Bucks to The Turning Point (Rape Crisis Center of Collin County), P.O. Box 866754, Plano, Texas 75086. Or send me a message and I'll arrange to get them from you. Thanks!


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