Clove oil for teething?

Discussion in 'All About Kids' started by Canary_Mom, Oct 22, 2010.


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  1. Canary_Mom

    Canary_Mom Senior Member Plus

    I learned at my chiro office this morning that you can rub clove oil on baby's gums to help with teething. Has anyone tried this? DS#2 is cutting molars. I actually just felt the molar tip last night, so no wonder he has been cranky lately and having problems sleeping. DS#1 breezed right through teething, so I am new to all the remedies out there.


  2. anndee1mom

    anndee1mom Senior Member

    I've heard about it and my mom even bought us some to try, but by the time we got the bottle from her DS was about done cutting teeth... My mom *claims* she did some research on it and how it is suppose to not have any side affects or reactions.... but she may have said that b/c I tend to be weary.:dunno

    Sorry... I guess I'm not much help... :bag
  3. artzy_fartzy68

    artzy_fartzy68 Senior Member Plus

    yeah, the dentist uses eugenol for topical anesthesia and for mixing w/ zinc oxide powder to make temp fillings and temp crown cement. it's what's in those old--fashioned "toothache drops"

    ETA: eugenol is "oil of cloves"
  4. djenya

    djenya Senior Member Plus

    I know whenever I have had a toothache I'd put a clove in my mouth and it would make the pain diminish. For teething we use a combo of hylands teething and hylands chamomilla (30x).
  5. Kirsten

    Kirsten Senior Member Plus

    interesting! TFS!


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