Cake Decorating Class Near Plano

Discussion in 'Hobbies and Interests' started by MrsBlueEyes, May 27, 2009.


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  1. MrsBlueEyes

    MrsBlueEyes Senior Member Plus

    Just wondering if there are any classes or instructors in East Plano/Richardson/North Garland/Allen for cake decorating... Hubby wants to let me take one.

    But I have a few no-nos while I'm looking... I don't want a Wilton class if I can help it, and I'd really rather not go to Cakes Amore. They are great if I just need a supply or two, but they've got pretty bad reviews over all. :dunno

    Any where else? Or anyone want to teach me? :giggle


  2. gigglezk

    gigglezk Senior Member Plus

    I've been planning to take the classes at Cake Carousel. I've heard nothing but rave reviews from former students.
  3. MandyD

    MandyD Senior Member Plus

    What about Hobby Lobby or Michaels? I know Hobby Lobby has cake decorating classes and I would imaging Michael's would too.
  4. MandyD

    MandyD Senior Member Plus

    That's the place I was trying to think of. That's in Downtown McKinney right?
  5. gigglezk

    gigglezk Senior Member Plus

    Hobby Lobby and Micheal's are both Wilton. I took my classes at Micheal's. Cake Carousel is in Richardson at 75 and Araphano.
  6. Dawn

    Dawn Senior Member Plus

    I took a class at Celebrate Cakes in Garland off of Saturn before you get to Northeast Hwy. Alas...Wilton. :lol Sorry. It was fun though!
  7. MandyD

    MandyD Senior Member Plus

    So for us non-decorators, what's the deal with Wilton vs non-Wilton?
  8. gigglezk

    gigglezk Senior Member Plus

    Mandy, I have no idea. I like Wilton and I had fun in their classes and learned a lot. Except for their fondant, I think they're great and good for beginners. Now to learn the advanced stuff, going through a bakery would be best because they teach a lot more techniques.
  9. jjj

    jjj Senior Member

    I took Wilton part 1 and I learned a lot but then again I didn't know much. I am hoping to take more later! They are always running specials on their classess too so it ends up being really reasonable!
  10. dance2874

    dance2874 Senior Member Plus

    I have heard bothing but good things about Cake Carousel in Richardson.

    As for Wilton vs Non Wilton- I personally see the difference as the Wilton classes are there to teach the basics that have not really changed much over the years, and sell wilton products. Non Wilton may still teach the basics but may teach other new ways to do the same things....and they are not required to use wilton products so it allows for more creativity I think. (like using a spackle tool from the hardware store to help smooth icing instead of a regular cake spatula...much easier.)
  11. Mommypresh

    Mommypresh Senior Member Plus

    I did my classes through the CCCC Continuing Education, It was alittle more expensive but so worth it.
  12. gigglezk

    gigglezk Senior Member Plus

    Jen, that's a very good point! My Wilton instructor hated me because I never gave into her product placement. I was there just to learn the basics, not just buy the products. I was also taking classes simultaneously from a bakery in Richmond and the Wilton lady would get irritated when I did things the way the bakery taught me instead of the Wilton way.

    I think Wilton is good for people who just want to learn the basics or as introductory to decide if cake decorating is something you seriously want to pursue.
  13. evysmama

    evysmama Senior Member Plus

  14. Tracey

    Tracey Senior Member Plus

    I have taken classes from Cakes Amore and I would use them again in the future. I think they are great. They are a Wilton class, but it's a good base. I don't see any problem with learning the Wilton style and they encourage you to go from there. Just like driving lessons, different instructors have different methods, but the end result is the same.

    For other classes (cupcakes, cookies, chocolates) I use Cake Carousel. But they book up rather quick.

    Or just get some decorating books and try the techniques at home. I own lots of books and learn something new from each one. It just takes lots of practice with boards and fake cakes.
  15. Ash_V

    Ash_V Senior Member

    I'd recommend taking some classes at Cake Carousel. They don't teach the Wilton method (blech...), though, if that's what you're looking for. Also, have you ever just googled methods? Or YouTube'd it? You can get some great instruction online. From there, you can just practice practice practice. I've taken 2 classes at CC almost 7 years ago and they'll give you a good foundation.
  16. Caseymae82102

    Caseymae82102 Senior Member Plus

    Have you looked at craft stores? I know Michael's holds some
  17. Emily_A

    Emily_A Senior Member Plus

    I took a class at Cake Carousel. It was a sugar cookie decorations class and I love it. I did all sorts of cookies. :) I've been meaning to go back and take a cake class. The staff was very helpful too.
  18. MrsBlueEyes

    MrsBlueEyes Senior Member Plus

    Everything I've learned so far, I've learned on youtube and howdini :giggle

    I am NOT interested in the Wilton classes, which to me seem like Pampered chef parties for people who like to make cakes :lol Not interested in the product, just the results.

    I mostly just want a class to learn certain piping methods and some other basics for now. I can learn the rest on my own but as you might have seen with my American Idol cake, I'm having some piping issues :lol
  19. Nikki

    Nikki Senior Member Plus

    My neighbor took her classes at the cc and then also took one at Cake Carousel.
    She is amazing now. But she completed 4 courses I believe.
  20. gpmomof4

    gpmomof4 Senior Member

    I've taken classes at You Take the Cake Bakery in Arlington (now closed) and a Michaels Wilton Class. There really wasn't much of a difference. (Besides price!)


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