Brother/sister costume ideas

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by Kirsten, Sep 12, 2010.


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  1. Kirsten

    Kirsten Senior Member Plus

    So let's hear it, what are you guys dressing up your sib set as for Halloween/Fall Festivals?

    I'm looking for good ideas, preferably cheap ones! lol


  2. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    The chicken and the egg
    Prince and princess
    Knight and a dragon
  3. Sandy

    Sandy Senior Member Plus

    frankenstein/bride of
    little bo peep/sheep
  4. MelissaV

    MelissaV Senior Member Plus

    My sister did Harley biker and his mechanic.


    :preg baby Sophia due September 22
  5. delilahdr

    delilahdr Senior Member Plus

    One year, I had Vanessa be a pilgrim and Isaac be a turkey. :giggle
  6. skyfiregrl

    skyfiregrl Senior Member Plus

    I saw some great costumes at sam's yesterday for $11.
    what about thing 1 and thing 2?
  7. Night Owl

    Night Owl Senior Member Plus

    Jacob was Pooh and Lucy was a Honeypot :giggle
    We have also done Superman and Supergirl, AND Batman and Batgirl (and Robin)
  8. ~Amy

    ~Amy Senior Member Plus

    One year, they were all animals from Old Navy. I've done princess and horse the one Halloween it was just Haley and Eli. :lol They were Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian Blake's first Halloween. Last year, Blake and Eli were Thomas and Haley was a rock star. They didn't want to match. :( This year, I have no clue what they are going to do. I'm thinking the boys will probably be something Toy Story (either Woody and Buzz or two Woodys or two Buzzes....). I'm not sure I can convince Haley to be Jessie though.
  9. TeriMomOf4

    TeriMomOf4 Senior Member Plus

    We have done:
    Shrek, Fiona and Donkey

    Prince, and the two fairies from Sleeping Beauty
    Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2

    This year we will have:
    White Queen
    Mad Hatter
  10. Kati

    Kati Senior Member Plus

    Last year, we had Macy (then an infant) as a banana and Andrew (5 at the time) as a monkey. Got laughs from everyone :)
  11. Sarah

    Sarah Senior Member Plus

    Sams and Costco do have some cute ones.
  12. Gracemom

    Gracemom Senior Member

    One year I did a football player and cheerleader. Super cute - red, white and blue colors - and they still use the costumes for dress up.
  13. MamaSteph

    MamaSteph Senior Member

    We're doing a caterpillar and butterfly this year :)
  14. Susan38

    Susan38 Senior Member Plus

    I'm impressed that you get this level of cooperation from your kids!! I can never get mine to agree on anything!
  15. zhonn

    zhonn Senior Member Plus

  16. Kotasmom

    Kotasmom Senior Member Plus

    We have done:
    ghost and witch
    angel and devil
    Princess Leia and Yoda
    Princess Jasmine and her tiger Rajah
    A pirate and a princess

    This year we are doing a zebra and a unicorn. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I love doing costume themes for the kids. Thank goodness they still like it, too!
  17. Giovanna

    Giovanna Senior Member Plus

    We did Mickey and Minnie last year. This year I wanted to do Woody and Jessie (cowboy & cowgirl) but DD wants to be princess Tiana, so I think DS is going to be a frog.
  18. Kirsten

    Kirsten Senior Member Plus

    Ooooh I actually love that idea! Especially since we call Jaron "money" ALL the time!
    ETA- actually, we call him "monkey"... not "money".... :lol

    Oh so cute! I like this idea too!

    :lol how clever!

    Oooh I like Fireman and Dalmation too... hmmmm...

    Thanks for all the ideas!!! You've got me thinkin....
  19. dianthe

    dianthe Senior Member Plus

    i'm leaning towards Dora and Boots for this year
  20. nikole0382

    nikole0382 Senior Member Plus

    I have two girls but we are doing dorthy and tin man. Daddy as the scare crow and mama as the good witch


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