Bra Sweat bands!

Discussion in 'Health, Beauty and Fitness' started by zhonn, May 30, 2011.


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  1. zhonn

    zhonn Senior Member Plus

    Just discovered these and it looks very intriguing! This Texas heat really gets to me and I end up having to change bras multiple times a day, because of it. Now I'm thinking I could get these and either feel better with one, or change the liners, which might be a lot easier when I'm out.

    They also have tummy bands, which might really help my aunt this summer.

    Here's a link to a giveaway!

    Also, the story behind the lady who invented these, and her financial backer, is really moving.
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  2. stefakee

    stefakee Senior Member Plus

    Oh man.. I need this! I have the worst boob sweat ever, lol.
  3. abbie'smommy

    abbie'smommy Senior Member Plus

    I love this idea! For years, I have used baby powder to give myself kind of a "coating" if I know I'm going to be outside for long periods of time. Especially in the summer when I'm out playing with kids... it's awful! This was a common topic between the ladies I taught with last summer as we were standing out there, day after day, in 100 degree heat. :p I also love the story behind it! :love
  4. laeta904

    laeta904 Senior Member

    Fabulous idea and a great story!
  5. Momster2Many

    Momster2Many Senior Member Plus

    What a great idea!
  6. Jonna

    Jonna Senior Member Plus


    I might have to get some of these. Or fashion some of my own. I have resorted to stuffing a thin burp cloth under there before.
  7. Charmed_Valerie

    Charmed_Valerie Senior Member Plus

    :pinkcheer :yahoo I don't normally even have boobs but thanks to pregnancy, I will this summer and my boob sweat already irritates me.
  8. croundstream

    croundstream Senior Member

    :goodpostJill - You are Amazing! You constantly surprise me with what you come across!! This is really great! I have used wash clothes before!!! Might just have to try these!!! :spit


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