Best way to watch movies in car/airplane?

Discussion in 'All About Kids' started by Greensong, May 10, 2012.


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  1. Greensong

    Greensong Senior Member Plus

    We are taking a couple of longish car and plane trips this summer and DD is two years old. One of the distractions I'd like to add to the arsenal is either a travel DVD player or other method to watch movies, Sesame Street, etc. Can anyone recommend a travel DVD player that is reasonable for a two year old? (As in, something with hidden buttons or a way to mount it on the back of the headrest so she can't break it) OR - we have an iPad - has anyone used that as their travel movie watching screen? I just don't know how that stuff works. :lol


  2. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    Fisher Price makes a kid tough DVD player- the screen is super small though. We have one of those, and a normal portable dvd player. The kids do fine with them, just set them in the lap. The cord situation drives me nutty- the adapter to the power jack, the cord for the headphones, etc.
    We have one iphone and that is so much easier than the dvd player.
  3. Katie1013

    Katie1013 Senior Member

    I'd probably just buy a headrest mount for the ipad, if you can.
    We've had 3 DVD players for the car and they've all broken with minimal use. Also, the battery life has been terrible and it always died before we were done traveling (by plane, we plug them in in the car).

    I'd buy some movies on itunes and do that. Target has $15 itunes gift cards marked down to $13.50 this week.
  4. allison4403

    allison4403 Senior Member

    just do the ipad. I wouldn't sink any money into an additional device. We just got back from a vacation with our 4 year old, that included 4 flights and 10 hours in the car - and - and the ipad made things the easiest, by far. We've used car DVD players, phones, etc. This was the most portable, and I'm betting she's already sort of familiar with working it.
  5. TXmommyof2

    TXmommyof2 Senior Member

    I would use the ipad for airplane rides for sure, she could even play with the apps, etc. We have a 7 in dual rca dual dvd player that we got from target a few years ago and it's worked out great for us.
  6. Jen5253

    Jen5253 Senior Member Plus

    We have a Phillips brand 9" split screen portable DVD player. It's perfect for long car rides, because we have our older two facing forward, and our youngest still rear facing. So this way, we can strap one screen on the back of the passenger headrest and the other one on the front of the seat my youngest is sitting in, and the three kids can all watch the same thing. Plus, then they aren't holding it and fighting over it, and risking one getting broken. It came with the straps to mount the screens onto the seats. But we didn't pay that much for ours. I'll have to ask hubby where he got ours at. I think it must have been a sale, and I seem to remember it was at Best Buy, or someplace like that. It might have been a great Black Friday deal, but we got it several years ago.

    I don't know how well an IPad would work, but this would be more versatile. You'd have to figure out a system to mount it so that they wouldn't fight over it. But then you would have the options for apps and lots of other things too. And if kiddos fall asleep, then mama could use it too. ;) The downside is that you'd have to buy the movies and shows to watch on it, instead of getting to use the DVDs you already own.

    ETA: I just saw someone post a way to mount the IPad. If they are both forward facing, I would go this route. We never use the portable DVD players outside of trips, but the IPad or any of the other pad devices could still be used at other times. :thumbup
  7. Greensong

    Greensong Senior Member Plus

    Thanks for the tips! I didn't consider that there would be a headrest mount for the iPad. That definitely would save money and since we'd probably be bringing it along anyway it would save space if we don't have to bring along an extra gadget.
  8. mom2-1xx1xy

    mom2-1xx1xy Senior Member Plus

    The hardest part for us was the headphones on the airplane. In the car we would just play it where we could all here it. But not everyone on the plane wants to hear Nemo. My kids didn't like earbuds, so I just got cheap headphones that have the foam speaker that goes on top of the ear.


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