Best neighborhoods for Christmas lights....

Discussion in 'Reviews and Recommendations' started by Maggie_K, Dec 4, 2004.


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  1. Maggie_K

    Maggie_K Guest

    Let's start a list.....I will start...
    Park Cities ....Off Preston just north of NW Hwy....
    Eldorado in McKinney


  2. bidetkitty

    bidetkitty Guest

    we usually go to loch... can't think of the name of the neighborhood in arlington. big lines, really impressive.
  3. michelles

    michelles Guest

    University Blvd in Dallas is usually pretty good. My parents live one street over and we go look at the lights in their neighborhood every year.
  4. Maggie_K

    Maggie_K Guest

    Drove through Swill Ave, tonight. The ones that were done are nice, but not all were "into it". We will do Park Cities when we go to exchange gifts with the people I used to nanny for....their street gets really into it all.
  5. seebee

    seebee Senior Member Plus

    I used to go to Eldorado a lot; we haven't been there in a few years, though. It is good! I think there was one neighborhood in Plano off of Legacy that used to have a lot of displays. I think it was called Deerfield? I've never been there, though. Also, Springpark at the Richardson/Garland border is kind of nice.
  6. Nicole

    Nicole Owner Staff Member

    The one in Arlington is Interlochen. It's where we always went growing up.

    Taken from the City of Arlington website:
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  7. brooksy

    brooksy Senior Member Plus

    I agree...the one at Interlochen is nice...I grew up in Fort Worth and we used to always go there...It's a pretty good drive from Dallas but if you have any friends in the Fort Worth/Arlington area make a trip...It's worth it....
  8. Julia

    Julia Guest

    Santa's Village in Richardson is cute. I think it's their Community Center between Campbell and Belt Line. Wish I had an address for you, maybe Dallas Child has it listed. You get a free polaroid w/ Santa, but get in line at 5:15-5:30, Santa arrives at 6. A few years ago they had pony rides. Lots of lights, little houses and activities for the kids.
  9. Julia

    Julia Guest

  10. Cara

    Cara Senior Member Plus

  11. Maggie_K

    Maggie_K Guest

    There was something like that being done in Lakewood....Abrams/Gaston area...but I didn't see them on Swiss.
  12. Jamie

    Jamie Senior Member Plus

    Oooh. Good post. Always looking for a great neighborhood to drive Juls around!!!

    DH and I did the carriage rides a few years ago before we were married. I swore he was going to propose to me. But I was wrong. lol


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