Any stores in the area that double coupons?

Discussion in 'Bargains, Deals and Frugal Living' started by threelilpiggeys, Oct 10, 2009.


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  1. Since we're moving from Omaha to the DFW area I was curious if any of your stores double coupons? I miss that SO much when I grew up in California it was everywhere! Here only one store, Pamida, does it once a month. AND they price match too! Today I got 9 boxes of cereal, 1 package of expensive razors, 4 Pringles super stacks, 2 Scott scizzars (free!) Pringles Stix, a Covergirl mascera, and a couple other things for $20 ! Seriously that's amazing. I am so gonna miss that if I can't find it anywhere.

    Any stores do it? What about price matching? I know I price match at Walmart all the time.



  2. kelbel

    kelbel Senior Member Plus

    Hi! Walmart price matches here. Kroger, Albertsons and Tom Thumb double and triple coupons (at least I think Albertsons and Tob Thumb still do - I know Kroger does).

    Good luck on your move!
  3. mickide

    mickide Senior Member Plus

    Kroger for sure does the double and triple coupon.. Tom thumb does too, but have stricter rules..
  4. JenniferT

    JenniferT Senior Member Plus

    Target will price match, but you have to go to Customer Service to do it. They don't do it at the register (keeps the lines moving & the other customers happy).
  5. Summer

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  6. valpreston

    valpreston Senior Member

    Here's a local site that's helpful:

    Try not to be overwhelmed. I went to the site 8-10 times when I saw tweets with great deals before I got into the hang of it. There's a LOT of information. They take each sales paper each week, and match coupons to it.

    They also have a section of "what to buy when" - not only bigger items like electronics, linens, and cookware, but when to stock up on food items like canned goods, cereal, and soups.
  7. meg2girls

    meg2girls Senior Member Plus

  8. Mommypresh

    Mommypresh Senior Member Plus

    WOW thanks for sharings, heres one of my fav sites
  9. crystal25526

    crystal25526 Guest

    Thanks for the tools to help save my family $$
  10. JennL

    JennL Senior Member

    I can't wait to be back in a big city so I can do this! Midland doesn't double coupons and we don't have access to big market newspapers so our coupons are .50/off while other markets might be doing a totally free coupon

    I did for a while and would love to be able to do even better ;)
  11. meg2girls

    meg2girls Senior Member Plus

    Does anyone know if Market Street doubles coupons?


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