Any stores around sell freeze dried fruits?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by simplyme, Feb 19, 2008.


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  1. simplyme

    simplyme Senior Member Plus

    We like the Cherrios with the Bananas and strawberries in them but they have discontinued that flavor. Freeze dried fruits are different from dehydrated fruits, which are easy to find in stores. Freeze dried are very light, airy, not like banana chips.
    Does anyone buy freeze dried fruits? if so where do you get them?


  2. Jefinner

    Jefinner Senior Member Plus

    I can't remember the brand name, but I've seen them at Sprouts. It's on a rack in the produce section. (Around the outer edges...)
  3. TexAus4

    TexAus4 Senior Member Plus

    Just Tomatoes sell a lot of different fruits and also veggies and they are delicious. I believe that some of their range might be freeze dried. You can check them out at I've seen them sold at Sprouts and Central Market. Whole Foods is also supposed to carry them, but I haven't seen them there when I've shopped.
  4. Dina

    Dina Senior Member Plus

    have you seen these? is this comparable to what you are looking for? we like most of the varieties that we have tried.

  5. Kaffy

    Kaffy Senior Member

    I've seen Just Tomatoes at the Whole Foods on Preston and Forest. It's just past the produce section as you turn the corner - near a set of employee double doors on the right.
  6. jacksonsmommy

    jacksonsmommy Senior Member

    I think they have the "Just" fruits & veggies in most Tom Thumbs and of course Central Market. We have also seen a great selection at some Albertson's, so you might have them at your local grocery store. They are usually in the lower or side shelves near the fruits & veggies. We love all of the "Justs" we have tried.
  7. Jefinner

    Jefinner Senior Member Plus

    That's it! The "Just Tomatoes" line...
  8. evysmama

    evysmama Senior Member Plus

    I pick up the "Just" products when I come across them, but the Gerber ones are really easy to find. DD loves all the Gerber freeze dried fruits. And they have a banana-strawberry combo pack too.
  9. sararas

    sararas Senior Member Plus

    oh how i wish i could afford a 2.5lb bag of freeze dried strawberries for $135. *sigh* i love love love this stuff. the peas are delicious too, and i'm not a pea person.
  10. Mel_C

    Mel_C Senior Member Plus

    I just picked up some "Just Veggies" at Market Street here in McKinney... They had all the freeze dried fruits with them.. They were near the bulk section in the front.
  11. Luisa

    Luisa Senior Member Plus

    We've been buying boxes of individual packs at Costco. It's not the "Just..." It's Brother All Natural brand. They used to carry bananas, strawberries, pears and apples. Currently they only have the last two. HTH!
  12. toymom

    toymom Senior Member

    i got the ones at costco too. they are good, but the strawberries have a lot of red dust that gets on your hands and in your nose if you are not careful.


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