37 Weeks 5 Day, 50% Effaced, 1 cm Dilated, Etc... (Update in #8)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy and Childbirth' started by wizardofozzz, Apr 23, 2009.


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  1. wizardofozzz

    wizardofozzz Guest

    So, I'm 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my second baby! My c-section is a week and three days away (May 4th). While I'm throughly enjoying the last bit of what may be my last pregnancy, I'm also a bit excited and anxious to meet our new little guy. Even though I'm having a c-section, party of the excitement is the waiting game and seeing my body progress towards labor.

    Speaking of which, I have been 50% effaced for a couple of weeks. Yesterday, my OB said I was 1 cm dilated. I've been having non-painful contractions for months, but they have become more intense and sometimes even painful/crampy feeling. Until today I didn't think that baby had dropped, but now I'm wondering. Baby seems to be resting more on my lap when I sit down, I can hardly pee, and my mother thinks my belly looks lower. So, who knows. Maybe I won't make it to my c-section date.

    What do you guys think? Any old wives tales or predictions? I've heard that you body goes through these changes closer to labor with a non-first pregnancy.
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  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Senior Member Plus

    If you go in to labor before your c/s date, will you have him vaginally?
  3. wizardofozzz

    wizardofozzz Guest

    Nope. I have some health problems that require a c-section (even though I didn't have one last time). As long as I can get to the hospital in time, I'm having a c-section. I don't have much of a choice and have come to accept the idea.
  4. Marcia9043

    Marcia9043 Senior Member

    There is a new moon on Sat and i have heard that full moons and new moons bring on labor... something about the change in gravitational pull..... the next full moon is not until may 9th....So i will place a bet on Sun... is that a good day for you?
  5. wizardofozzz

    wizardofozzz Guest

    New Moon!

    Oh!! I totally forgot to look into the moon situation. Sunday would be perfect. Last night was especially miserable and today I just feel huge, uncomfortable, and like I can't take this elbow in the belly button for another day! I'm mentally done with pregnancy and ready to have this baby ASAP.
  6. ambhi08

    ambhi08 Senior Member Plus

    Hope you are doing ok, thinking of ya!!! :hug
  7. nikkilou

    nikkilou Senior Member Plus

    Charles was right on due date and I had to be induced, but Samuel--I was having a planned C-section and he came 2 1/2 weeks before the scheduled date.

    You never know!
  8. wizardofozzz

    wizardofozzz Guest


    I went for a walk last evening, as I usually do. It was a short walk though. I wasn't feeling up to my full route. I sat down the watch a movie and noticed I was having contractions every ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes. No big deal, right?

    Before bed I had a nice long talk with baby about how we're ready to meet him, what a wonderful family he's going to be a part of and how exciting the world is. I turned on my ipod book and waited to fall asleep (I swear audio books in ipod are awesome).

    Thankfully it was a night where I slept a full hour at a time before having to get up to use the bathroom - rather than my every thirty minute routine lately. Every hour I noticed that I was having contractions that we very crampy feeling. As the night progressed, so did my crampy contractions until they were every 5 to 7 minutes at 6am. I started to think that this might actually be "it". So, I got up to shower and get ready for the day. But my warm shower took away the crampy feelings and I was left with my regular painless contractions which continued throughout the morning while becomming further and further apart.

    My hips continue to feel as though they are almost out of joint. I'm doing qute the waddle now and lying down/getting up is really quite painful. So, I went on another walk tonight. Maybe the whole thing will repeat it's self tonight. Or maybe Baby will just stay put until the 4th. Either way, it's okay. I'm just getting a little bored now that my to-do list is mostly finished.
  9. ambhi08

    ambhi08 Senior Member Plus

    :hug Hang in there!!!!
  10. Miss Kris

    Miss Kris Senior Member Plus

    Ugh! I remember the hip pain well! So glad you are taking in the last days of your pregnancy and trying to enjoy them!

    Hope all goes well whenever baby comes!:)
  11. Jonna

    Jonna Senior Member Plus

    you have a great attitude! For me, I prayed and prayed to go into labor and not have to anticipate my scheduled C/S. It was so much better to have it happen somewhat unexpectedly.


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